I present you with an original poem…

Oh Big Dipper

You dip so big

Dip Big

Big Dip

You Big Dipper Dip Dippity Dip

You Owe Me $20

Sha la la la 

The big dipper has been our friend since it was installed by the crew of Apollo 11. I am a fan! Think about what would happen if the contents of the dipper were released? We would be washed away. Don’t worry though because Big D. has got our backs! The fella will never yield to pressure put on it by the other constellations to just let go and drown us out. I’m looking at your Ursa Minor. You are a punk! 

We need to support Big D. I suggest we have a PBS style telethon to raise funds. Without the support of viewers like you Big D might lose it and we will be covered in star juice. They don’t make a Tide that gets out star juice stains. Believe me. 

Time to pull out your wallets! 

14.3 On The Richter Scale

(Source: Wikipedia)